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Current Show – “Scene & Unseen”

Cinnabar would like to welcome you to view our current exhibition, “Scene & Unseen”!

Four local and two national artists will present works addressing the spaces between what is seen and unseen. The exhibition features local San Antonio artists Fernando Andrade, Mark Hogensen, and Hiromi Stringer. Joanne Lefrak comes to Cinnabar from Santa Fe, NM and Anne Lilly lives and works in Boston, MA, while Claude Van Lingen currently resides in Austin, TX.

Each of the six artists interacts with the space between what is seen and unseen in the world. Some of them create ‘scenes’ to identify this space and others have a subtle and more abstract approach.

“Scene & Unseen” 
March 12 – May 17
Reception March 12, 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Fernando Andrade
Mark Hogensen
Joanne Lefrak
Anne Lilly
Hiromi Stringer
Claude Van Lingen  

Scene and Unseen


Calendar of Events



November 6, 2014 Memory & Forgetting- two part show curated by Catherine Lee 6:30-9 pm PRESS RELEASE

September 4, 2014 Momentary Realities OPENING 6:30-9:00 pm PRESS RELEASE 

May 15, 2014 Professors’ Picks OPENING 6:30-9:00 pm  PRESS RELEASE 

April 17, 2014 Return Closing Reception 7:30-9:00 pm

March 27, 2014 Artist talk and performance with McKay Otto 7:30-9:00 pm

March 15, 2014 Artist talk with Catherine Lee 7:30-9:00 pm

March 12, 2014 Artist talk with George Krause 7:30- 9:00 pm 

March 8, 2014 Moveable Art Party M.A.P. benefitting the Artist Foundation hosted at Blue Star Arts complex and Cinnabar. 

February 13,2014 6:00-9:00 pm opening reception and artist talk

  • Return,  featuring a group show by George Krause, Catherine Lee, and Mckay Otto.

Press release for RETURN featuring George Krause, Catherine Lee, and McKay Otto

December 12, 2013 6:00- 9:00 pm opening reception and artist talk by Joseph Cohen and Lawrence Fodor 

  • Color Meditation,  opening 6-9pm artist talk 7:30 pm

Press release for Lawrence Fodor and Joseph Cohen

October 23, 2013  6:00-8:00 pm opening reception and artist appearance for artists Bill Molthen and Kelvyn Davila

  •  Steel Sketches  Bill Molthen, October 23, 2013 – January 20, 2014
  •  Archetypal Fantasies Kelvyn Davila, October 23, 2013- December 4, 2013

Press release for Kelvyn Davila and Bill Molthen

 September 5, 2013 6:00- 10:00 pm, George Krause San Miguel Exposed artist appearance, live photo session 

  • San Miguel Exposed  open September 1- October 7, 2013.

Press release for George Krause

Sfumato pictures from the opening for George Krause 


Caught My Eye

Pyrite or gold?

Well, either way it catches our eyes. Whether it is an idea, a unique gemstone, a movement, an image, an outfit, an article, a confession. Here is where I get out my daily obsessions. I comb the art and jewelry publications, talk to my friends about ideas, snap quick photos and post it all here. If you have an idea you want to express or a thought you want to discuss please contact me

Ever since I was a little girl I have been drawn to the arts. Whether it is music, jewelry, sculpture, or paintings I love exploring new ideas and concepts and taking those ideas into a further exploration with friends.








So the first question I always get is… “Why the name Cinnabar?”

Cinnabar is a mineral I fell in love with a long time ago. It is rare, but has a fire-like hue and translates directly from Chinese to mean “dragon’s blood.” It was also mined by the Romans and has a high content of mercury. My interests in Classics and dragons naturally led me to have an immediate adoration for this mineral.

What most people know of Cinnabar is that it appears in a carved lacquer form out of China in the way of bowls and other  items. It is true that Cinnabar was used as a pigment to dye the carved objects. However, due to the mercury content, the modern day Cinnabar carvings do not actually contain genuine Cinnabar pigment. The metaphysical properties of  Cinnabar have an even greater affinity with my life, but that is for a discussion when you come in for a visit.

Why a gallery?

I crave a meeting place for ideas. Discussion is a form of creativity and humans are the only species that have the ability to have lengthy conceptual conversations. I want to be part of this gathering and provide an art gallery with a vision that promotes creative development. I try and locate art that brings a new perspective to the table. Contemporary art is about ideas and I want to hear the passion in the artist’s voice when he/she tells me about their work. I crave textures, innovation and the delicate dance of subtlety between the two.

My background began with jewelry and my jewelry is very personal. For heirloom redesigns, which is my speciality, we need to sit down and discuss what exactly you would like to do with your favorite aunt’s lapel pin. We need to build that special engagement ring or wedding band together and we need to explore all the different stories I have behind each stone I offer for new custom designs. I have spent a lifetime traveling and combing rock shops and shows for exotic and interesting stones and I am excited to share my ideas and experience with you to create the perfect design.  I am a certified gemologist from GIA,  and I earned three further certifications there in Applied Jewelry Arts, Pearl Grading, and Graduate Jeweler. What this means is I can lead you through each step myself so you understand exactly what your jewelry will look like before it is complete.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing all things musical, artistic, sculptural, and bejeweled. You can stop by just to chat about gems, art, or sculpture,  or just to hear a song on the piano. You will of course want to meet the famous shop dog Leroy Brown.



SO here is what has caught my eye… I try to update once a month
May 23rd, 2014
Recap from opening reception for our current show: Professors’ Picks.
IMG_3707IMG_3696IMG_3695IMG_3688 IMG_3702IMG_3709 IMG_3719 IMG_3727
May 3rd, 2014

Flight gallery, an artist-run space and gem of Southtown, just found a new incarnation in a previously empty section of Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum. Flight was formerly located in Andy Benavides’ building in the SoFlo Arts District but owner and artist Justin Parr fell in love with the space and knew he had to move. The opening reception, “YES (the river knows), featured 15 local artists, each of whom worked with diverse and innovative media. Glass was prominently featured: J.J. Vanlandingham created a stunning caravan of glass dinosaurs and Jake Zollie Harper showed a set of frosty glass skulls with sperm-like tails. Other artists included local favorites Alex Rubio, Vincent Valdez, Lloyd Walsh, Andy Benavides, Calen Barnum, Ethel Shipton, James Cobb, Jayne Lawrence, Jerry Teutsch, Justin B. Schneider, Megan Harrison, Tommy Gregory, and Raygun Johns. During the opening reception on May 3rd, the vibrancy that Flight brings to their new space was already palpable.  It was apparent that they drew from all age brackets and I predict their laid-back yet professional ethos will take them far.


unnamed-1 10169296_10152327907691858_8136605400005366521_n

March 24th, 2014
I first met Mark Menjivir on a balmy September afternoon. It was Friday the 13th and fellow ink enthusiasts with a penchant for the superstitious were queued up to receive a friday the 13th tattoo. Mark invited everyone to get a lucky 13 tattoo, all expenses paid, in exchange for participation in his on-going project, the Luck Archive. A project realized after Mark found a four-leaf clover tucked away inside an old book he found at Hyde Brothers Bookstore in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The clover finding triggered Mark’s curiosity on how luck affects different people, cultures, and belief systems.
The Luck Archive’s exhibition set-up is similar to the feeling of walking into an old curiosity shop: different documents, old books, found objects, and written submissions mark the wall space. This wealth of collected objects screams to me that Mark believes that luck manifests itself in many different ways. Menjivar asserts that even a skeptic’s psyches are riddled with superstitions, often tracing back to childhood that have leaked their way into quotidian life. Avoid walking on the cracks of the sidewalk, buying lottery tickets, crossing your fingers for luck…the list goes on but no one is immune to the cult of luck.
(all images from

Check out Mark’s work at:

Untitled (Public Display)
2014 CAM Perennial Exhibition
March 21- May 10, 2014
Curated by Leslie Moody Castro
Museo Guadalupe

bubba Bubba_4x5 Clovers_web copy
February 25th, 2014
Hello Cinnabar devotees!
Long time no talk. Allison here, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to all the blog acolytes out there. I’m very excited to be part of the Cinnabar team now and i’ll be updating the CME blog periodically.
I recently stumbled around la Villita only to be pleasantly surprised by the Equinox Gallery, a gallery that opened on the spring equinox of 2011 and currently houses fine art jewelry and metals. The space features the work of owner/metalsmith Alejandro Sifuentes and semi-annual exhibitions of local and national artists. I arrived near the tail-end of the opening, Corazón de Melón, an extensive and diverse opening with works by Holly Goeckler, Jillian Palone, Laritza Garcia, and Nicole DesChamps-Benke, amongst many others. The first element of the gallery that really blew me away is the thoughtful eye and representation of many different styles and materials across the bodies of work. Owner Alejandro Sifuentes has a predilection of working around with the natural shape of his materials, often gilding around the natural shape of a raw mineral whereas other metal smiths such as Jillian Palone let geometry guide her work, implementing precise symmetry and cuts. Overall, a journey over Equinox Gallery is definitely worth it to see the stunning new pieces in bronze, sterling silver, and even insects (RIP little guys).



Alejandro Sifuentes, Milagro #3
.999 Silver, .925 Silver, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Grey Baroque Pearl




Rachel Matthews, This Monster is Mysterious at Least
Brass, Patina, Mica, Monarch Butterfly, Cockroach





The jewelry showroom is like a candy store for adults.


(All photos from Equinox Gallery’s facebook page:

December 6, 2013 

Today I visited SCOPE and Untitled at Miami’s Art Basel. There seemed to be a lot of collage work, LED work, and lenticular holograms at SCOPE. The work at Untitled had a little more variety, but I enjoyed both fairs. Here are some of the images.

IMG_1847 IMG_1852 IMG_1860 IMG_1864 IMG_1871 IMG_1877 IMG_1882 IMG_1893 IMG_1895 IMG_1912















October 20, 2013 

Texas Contemporary was a fantastic art fair, here are some of the highlights!

Look closely at Daffy..




September 23, 2013

This past weekend I visited the Houston Fine Art Fair. I saw a lot of interesting work. What jumped out at me was the amount of Korean galleries, the use of collages and plexi boxes, and the found objects repurposed into art. Sometimes the found objects were also in the boxes or part of the collages. Here are a few of the ones I responded to most favorably. I thought Alabama Song had some really nice work in their booth- I liked the collaged prisms/layers of plexi works.

Here are a few shots. The first is made of buttons. The second is a collage of found objects.


Picture-10-300x263 copyangel
September 2013
Along the same lines is the artist Cathy Cunningham- Little, her work is installed at the McNay right now. Really beautiful the way she sculpts the light.
August 2013
I love my new plasma cutter. I did the engraving for one of the railings with it. Here are some pictures from start to finish.
July 12, 2013:
So you would think I had never seen glass or light or their interplay before, but today felt like it was really the first time. Maybe it was the rainbows reflected and my obsession with magic and rainbows, but whatever the case I was mesmerized. captivated. be still my romantic heart. See for yourselves… artist is Stephen Knapp and I viewed his work at the Santa Fe Art Fair.


IMG_2675Cinnabar hours: Wednesday- Thursday 12-6, Friday & Saturday 12-8, Sunday 12-6, Monday and Tuesday by appointment

Susan Oliver Heard, GG, GJ, AJA, was born in downtown San Antonio at Nix hospital on a hot day in the summer when most of the city was probably out of town. Saint Mary’s Hall was the only school she attended in San Antonio from 1982-1997. In the fall of 1997 she matriculated at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO. Her studies led her to Bali, Indonesia to study music, London to study art and drama, and Vienna, Austria to study art and piano performance. In 2001 she graduated with honors distinction and a BA in three concentrations: Classics, History, Political theory, with an undeclared minor in piano performance. Precious gemstones and metallurgy had always been a passion for Susan that began in high school and extended through her college years. She moved to Telluride, CO, but planned regular trunk shows for jewelry at various locations in Texas, New York, California, Florida, and Colorado. In 2004 she moved to San Diego, CA to receive three certifications in jewelry design, fabrication, and graduate gemology from the Gemological Institute of America. In 2005 Susan received an award for her design by the world-renowned jewelry company Levian. The contest was held in honor of the Jeweler’s for children charity and Susan was distinguished in the patriotic category with the award given in Las Vegas, NV in May 2005. Shortly after that she completed her education at GIA and moved back to Telluride, CO to manage an art gallery and jewelry store that specializes in large outdoor sculpture and custom jewelry. After five exciting years working with clients from all over the world, the baptismal river water below Nix hospital called her back home. She returned to San Antonio full time in January 2012. Susan continued her art consulting and custom jewelry business and expanded that to creating her own outdoor sculpture. In 2012 she managed the artist Gil Bruvel in Wimberley, TX. Shortly after working on the Red Dot committee for Blue Star, Susan signed her lease for Cinnabar next door to the Blue Star Contemporary art museum in Jul 2013.

Cinnabar’s first opening was September 5, 2013 and featured a solo show for artist George Krause. George Krause: San Miguel Exposed received the choice award for Foto Septiembre. In November 2013 Susan Oliver Heard was asked to be one of four co-chairs for the Blue Star gala and happily accepted to help Blue Star raise money for the support of contemporary artists in San Antonio. Susan Oliver Heard is a member of Leadership San Antonio’s 39th class. In January of 2014 Cinnabar was awarded “best new gallery on 2013” by the Rivard report readers.

In April 2014 Cinnabar was awarded “Best Gallery” by The San AntonioCurrent magazine readers. Cinnabar has received mentions in the Express-News, ArtForum, Garden & Guns, San Antonio Magazine, Current, Rivard Report, top ten galleries on, and LOCAL.

In the spring of 2014 Susan served on the committees for the ArtPace gala, SAMA gala, and Blue Star Red Dot. She is a member of the Blue Star board of directors and a member of the Art and Cultural committee for HPARC-Hemisfair park and Redevelopment Corporation. Susan recently joined the board for the Artist Foundation and the advisory board for the Hill country science mill being built in Johnson City, TX. Both focus on education and funding for young kids and adults studying in the arts and sciences, respectively.

Cinnabar exhibited in the Santa Fe art fair July 2013 and in Art LIMA in Peru in March 2014. Susan has future plans to participate in two International art fairs in 2015.  In May 2014 mayor Julian Castro appointed Susan to serve on the City of San Antonio zoning commission before he relocated to Washington, D.C.  to serve as as HUD secretary for President Obama’s cabinet.



Amanda Bianchi is the most recent addition to the Cinnabar team. A San Antonio native and art enthusiast Amanda has been engaged in the arts since a young age, recalling fondly her mother’s ample coffee table books examining the lives of Degas, Basquiat, and Rothko. In 2013 she participated as volunteer coordinator for ArtPace’s annual event “Chalk it up.” Her most memorable art related experience was seeing Christian Marclay: The Clock at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Amanda is excited to be a part of a vision that provides a similar and unique experience to the public through her engagements and interactions at Cinnabar.




Allison Skopec is ecstatic to be involved with Cinnabar. Originally from Houston, Texas, she moved a few miles down I-10 to attend Trinity University (’13) where she was a Studio Art/Environmental Studies double major with a minor in Art History. During her time at Trinity, she spent the spring of her junior year in Vienna, Austria where she studied architecture and art at the Technische Universität Wien and worked as an intern for World Wildlife Fund-DCPO. She is a visual artist, environmentalist, and child of the internet.

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Cinnabar is located at 1420 S. Alamo Street Suite #147  In the building behind Joe Blues and Bar 1919.

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